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Criminal charges can be extremely difficult on the individual and their family.  Not only does the individual potentially face years in prison, criminal charges can cause an individual to be deported from the country to their country of origin. The Law Office of Daniel Corno takes every Criminal Case very seriously in analyzing strategies, possible outcomes and how they can affect the individual including Immigration Consequences and Reliefs available. 

​We offer services in all areas of Family Law.  When family issues come up it can be difficult for the individual and their family. These can be very emotional and confusing times, especially after pleadings have been filed with the Court. Matters involving children can be very complicated. The Law Office of Daniel Corno can help you to represent your interests.  We take the time to explain the process to each client and what can be expected of the process and the client.

The Law Office of Daniel Corno takes the defense of Traffic Tickets very seriously.  Tickets should not be taken lightly.  Some of the consequences of not correctly taking care of the ticket are but not limited to; points assigned to the license which can cause insurances prices to rise and the possible loss of license, the license can be revoked or suspended (sometimes without the possibility of obtaining the license again),  arrest warrants can be issued,  higher criminal charges can be filed with the County.  Non-Citizens of the United States can face other problems related to immigration.       

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Immigration can be a very complicated process.  You can trust in the professionals at the Law Office of Daniel Corno to assist and lead you through the process.  We are able to help with petitions and applications for Temporary work authorization through the residency process.

Family Immigration has many facets.  We can assist in helping the individual obtain work authorization, temporary protected status, residency, citizenship etc.  We also represent individuals in immigration bond and deportation cases.