Mr. Daniel Corno Esq.

Attorney Daniel Corno was awarded the Juris Doctor in 2007. He was also an Honors scholarship recipient, member of the Dean's List and an accelerated program student. Mr. Corno brings this same level of dedication to every single client he represents.

Mr. Corno is an experienced trial attorney.  Although Mr. Corno has won various final trials, he is also very successful at reaching agreements (through pleas and mediations) without the need to proceed to trial.  He also has a high rate of dismissals.

 •  Won a number of criminal dismissals (including Felonies & Misdemeanors)

 •  Won various immigration court proceedings and appeals

 •  Helped many achieve residency (green card, citizenship, & work authorization)

 •  Achieved custody for various clients including child support and just property
    division by way of agreement, mediation, and trial-settings

 •  Around 75% of traffic tickets have been dismissed

His areas of focus are:

* Criminal Defense

* Family Law 

* Family Based Immigration /Deportation

* Traffic Ticket Defense

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